Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service

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Ethiopian airlines ensures that you should have such travel experience that encompasses the best of our ability. We have the most comprehensive customer service possible. We provide detailed training programs and system enhancements to all the staffs so that they can provide you the best services. We can promise you that we will definitely be the top of the list of best airlines.

The Commitments We Want To Make To All

  1. Available low fares – Ethiopian Airlines are now providing lowest price that are available for you. Just call at Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service, and inquire about making seat reservations.
  2. Notifying passengers about cancellations & delays – We work really hard to reach at the destination within time. But sometimes weather, air traffic control or diversions do not allow this to happen. In such cases we explain the reason for delay of cancellation or delay. We too update about the next time the aircraft will reach.
  3. Crystal Clear Refund Policy – Ethiopian Airlines provide prompt refunds when the passenger wants to cancel their tickets. But there is a criteria, if it is within 24 hours, then you will get 100% amount refund. In case it is after 24 hours, you will be charged with a minimal amount from the principal amount.  
  4. Ensures essential needs during delays – Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service ensures operating a reliable service to the customers while having a lengthy and tarmac delay. We keep in notice that your essential needs are covered through providing adequate food, water and operable lavatory facilities or access to medical assistance.
  5. Responses to the customer feedbacks – We acknowledge the written complaints or feedbacks that come to us. If you have anything to inform us or give feedbacks about any of our service/product then we are always ready to help you out with it.

So call us at Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service and grab these services at a minimal cost.